Mexico City, MEXICO – Foodies rejoice! Just one and a half hours from Houston, CDMX is the ultimate destination for street food, aztec culture, and way too much tequila.

Our stay 3 days/ 2 nights (weekend getaway)




Let’s be real, we came for the tacos. And you should too.

El Tizoncito –  known as “los creadores del taco al pastor”, this glorified taco stand gets 5 stars in my eyes. It’s casual and local so get ready to practice your Spanish. Start off by ordering 2-3 tacos al pastor each and finish with tacos dorados (deep fried tacos) or unas quesadillas (not to be confused with tex-mex). Each taco de bola will run you 17 pesos or $1 USD.

el tizoncito

El Farolito – incredible tacos al pastor (no surprise)! The chicharron de queso (cheese shell), volcan con carne (tostada with meat and cheese), and the farolada de chuleta (similar to an American quesadilla with Manchego cheese and pork) are not to be missed.

Las faroladas + los volcanes
Tacos al pastor + chicharron de queso

Restaurante El Cardenal (Alameda) – the best breakfast CDMX has to offer! We prefer to dine at this location because it’s near the open air market and just a short walk to Bellas Artes.  Order their signature hot chocolate and the waiter will froth it up in front of you. Our favorite dishes include: Arrachera con chilaquiles, Huarache el Cardenal, Flautas de cordero, Gorditas hidalguenses, and Chilaquiles verdes con pollo. Exceptional breakfast and it will only cost you $10 USD per person.

Huarache el Cardenal
Flautas de cordero (front) Chilaquiles con pollo (back)
Arrachera con chilaquiles
Mexican Hot Chocolate – simply the best!

Casa de Toño –  great for lunch! Excellent pozoles, flautas, and huaraches. Start with the guacamole, chicharrones and a cold michelada – yum!


casa de tono
Casa de Toño

Tacos De Canasta Los Especiales – Hungry while exploring El Zócolo? Stop into Los Especiales for “basket tacos”. We judge restaurants by how long the line is – for flavor quality and overall health. At 6 pesos each, you can try them all and there are vegetarian options available. My favorites are bean and potato.


El Mayor Restaurante – Perfect michelada stop overlooking the Templo Mayor ruins. Make sure to sit on the cafe part of the restaurant and take advantage of the open air terrace.



Baltra Bar (Condesa) – chill vibe with trendy music. We came for a nightcap and sipped on too many Siete Lengua Tequilas.

Baltra Bar.jpg
Baltra Bar

baltra bar 1

Condesa DF Hotel – head to the rooftop on the fourth floor for Chapultepec views. Plan accordingly, it’s a hotel bar so it closes early at 1:00am.

Pata Negra – a local favorite, this place gets packed early. Not recommended for big groups.

La Clandestina – hole in the hall with great mezcal!

Luciferina – our favorite cocktail bar! New to mezcal? Try the Mulato mixed with ancho chile, mezcal, and lime juice. Look for the ARAGOG on the menu – it’s secret ingredient, TARANTULA VENOM, will make your lips tingle.


400 Conejos – Diana – Mulato
Bandera shots = tequila + sangrita + lime juice

Limantour – Cocktails in Polanco. Get a sneak peek of their signature drink, Mr. Pink.

Mojito Room – Looking for a place to dance all night? DJs mix reggaeton, electro, and English music together at this nightclub. We LOVED the atmosphere here and with cheap bottle service ($70 USD for Don Julio Reposado) it quickly turns into a borrachera. Who would’ve known Hip Hop Hooray and Despacito paired so well together?


El Zócalo – the main plaza in Mexico City and one of the largest squares in the world. It’s been used for gatherings ever since the Aztec times. It’s bordered by the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace, and other Parliament buildings.


Templo Mayor – so much history here! One of the main Aztec temples of their capital city, Tenochtitlan. I highly recommended to hire a local guide to walk you through this museum. Templo Mayor was destroyed by the Spanish in 1521 to build the Cathedral. You can see how the Spanish recycled the material from the temple to construct the Cathedral just next door.

Fun Fact:  If you’ve ever read Chac Mool, it’s pretty neat to find his sculpture under in the second temple outside.

templo mayor 2


catedral cdm

Chapultepec Castle – Royal castle of Mexican Emperor, Maximilian I. Head up Chapultepec Hill for stunning views and catch a glimpse of Mexican royalty. Tennis shoes recommended.

chap castle 2

chap castle

chap castle 4

National Museum of Anthropology – one of the best museums Mexico has to offer. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to stop in during this visit.

Casa de los Azulejos – photo op central on the way to el centro!


azulejo group
Gang’s all here!


Xochimilco – Venice of Mexico! Gather a group and bring your own food and drink for a floating picnic. The price is per boat not per person – regardless of what the promoters say on site. Live music and mariachi groups float down the canals, and for a fee they will step onto your boat to play any song you request.


xochi 1mariachixochi 2

Coyoacan + Frida Kahlo’s House – “Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera vivieron en esta casa.” Recommended if you are visiting Mexico City for 3 or more days.  This museum is dedicated to the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Teotihuacan Pyramids – prepare for a full day of adventure climbing to the top of the Pyramid of the Moon and the Sun. We opted for a Viator tour that packaged the Tlatelolco neighborhood, Teotihuacan, and Basilica of Guadalupe together.

teo 1

There is so much to do here! We always leave wanting more…

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